R2 Die

R2 DIE 2

For the first time the die is completely integrated into the production system of the ceramic plant. Thanks to the use of IOT technologies, every component acquires its own intelligence and becomes an object with a distinct identity. Data such as; what is being produced, for how long, with what level of wear and tear and for how much longer the part can perform, all represent information that can be controlled and updated with each press cycle and made available at the same time to the single component involved and to the plant central supervisor.

VISIVA beyond creativity

VISIVA beyond creativity

VISIVA is a new concept to develop the relationship with the customer, it is the way to a new sensory experience in the world of ceramic surfaces, it is a display of structures, decorations, colours, environments and suggestions to offer new design ideas for interiors and exteriors. Thanks to VISIVA ,the customer has the opportunity to explore new trends and choose the one which best suits their style. From the initial design it is a quick and simple step to the technical solution whether the requirement is for traditional pressing or Continuous forming.


Starting from a floor surface, first the tile-size is chosen, then the colour, then suitability to go well with the wall tiles and so on, step by step a complete room is created. The possibilities for experimenting are limited only by our imagination. Once the right solution is found we can proceed to production of the equipment for pre-production.

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